Five Songs, 5/31/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/31/2022


I'm really wobbling here - I think at some point pretty soon, I'm going to stop updating this every day. It just consumes a little bit too much of my creative time, and I'd like to do something else.

400 Blows, "The Root of Our Nature"

The opener of Black Rainbow, and you know within seconds if this thing is going to be your jam or not. Some bands are growers and it takes some time to decide if something is for you or not. Others...are not.

Kid Koala, "Goodbye (Page 8)"

As the title indicates, this piece is intended to accompany a comic book, making this really just a part of the overall mixed-media work. I encourage everybody to try and seek out the full thing.

The Allstonians, "Mikey Dee"

There was a substantial gap between their second and third album, and a little bit of the vitality of the band drained away a bit in that interregnum. That said, the instrumentals on Bottoms Up! are still very enjoyable, so it's not all bad.

Skinny Puppy, "Sleeping Beast"

Back around this time, there were clubs that were industrial clubs, or at least had industrial nights. And it's amusing now to think about, but at the time, it was pretty fun going there and seeing people doing their best to dance to something like this. (I was mostly holding up the wall.) Is there an equivalent today? I have no idea.

Noname, "Window"

I can't really describe it, but this rules so much.

Joshua Buergel
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