Five Songs, 6/11/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/11/2018

Five Songs took a little break there. Had to recharge our batteries. It's a grind getting out here and writing nothing of consequence about music nobody has heard or cares about! Well, we're back!

A programming note: I'm really tired of doing the "previously"s. I think they're charming, but they're also a hassle to put together manually. I'm going to use the tagging on this platform instead. It'll take a while to convert all the old entries, but this will make it easier for me going forward.

MU330, "Tune Me Out"

A repeat of an obscure third wave song. WE'RE REALLY BACK!

Boards of Canada, "Wildlife Analysis"

A little throwaway from Music Has The Right To Children.

Gumball, "New Rose"

Don Fleming kicked around with a bunch of underground scenesters, palling around people like J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. and others. He eventually ended up with Gumball, who put out several records of what can only be described as hard rock for a major label in the early/mid-90s. It's basically all forgotten today, and probably for good reason. This comes from some random-ass EP that I picked up from them, which is all I own.

Doc Hopper, "Altoona"

Let's do another early 90s forgotten rock band! Doc Hopper, as you can hear, played high energy punk rock. It was all done pretty well, and you can do a lot worse than them. After a positive review in Maximum Rock'n'Roll, Ask Your Mom became one of thsoe Holy Grail records that I searched for in a bunch of places before I finally found it. And no, while they're not from Canada, they are from Maine, which is close enough.

Conlon Nancarrow, "Study for Player Piano No. 33"


Preston School of Industry, "The Idea of Fires"

As much as Pavement was a consequence of the alchemy between Kannberg and Malkmus, there were times when one of them could summon the old magic on their own, such as on this tune from Preston School of Industry.

Joshua Buergel
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