Five Songs, 6/20/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/20/2022

We Be The Echo, "Shredder of Wheat and Souls"

I have no recollection of getting this record, but I can say: that is a very funny song title.

Unrest, "Firecracker"

On Imperial F.F.R.R. (that stands for "full frequence range recording"), Unrest not only delivered an excellent album of jangly indie pop, but also managed to sneak in some fun experimental stuff. Like this bad boy. This whole album very much does not sound like this, but it's nice to break things up.

Vaz, "Blue Lip Special"

Jeff Mooridian (drums) and Paul Erickson (guitar) formed Vaz shortly after Hammerhead's breakup, carrying forward the noise rock of the previous band. While it doesn't quite get to the heights of Hammerhead, it's still excellent stuff, and I'm glad that they kept making music.

Sticky Fingaz, "Money Talks"

Sticky Fingaz was part of Onyx who eventually set out on his own. He kicked things off with a bang with [Blacktrash] The Autobiography of Kirk Jones, a hip-hop opera in the vein of Prince Paul's A Prince Among Thieves. It's fun having a narrative running through the album, and it's a very good listen.

The Toasters, "Keep Going On"

Got some real marching band vibes to the horns here. I kinda want to shove this track in a locker.

Joshua Buergel
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