Five Songs, 6/27/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/27/2021

Mudhoney, "It Is Us"

If you got off the Mudhoney train back in the early 90s, you're in good company. But it's worth taking a look at their later catalog - they've got five studio albums after the 90s, and they range from solid to excellent. Under a Billion Suns is one of the very good ones, but not the best (that's The Lucky Ones). But give it a whirl!

Autechre, "Rpeg"

The followup to LP5, EP7 contains more of the avant-garde electronic music that Autechre put out in the late 90s. It's pretty abstract, and often pretty sparse, making it more of an intellectual exercise than anything emotional. I dunno, it can be interesting, but it's almost better in this format where you can sample just a song at a time.

DJ Q-Bert, "Razorblade Alcohol Slide"

Wave Twisters, Episode 7 Million: Sonic Wars Within The Protons, DJ Qbert's 1998 album, is one of the best pure DJ records out there. Qbert is such a skilled and inventive scratcher that it never really gets old over the course of the record, which is easy to happen in this sort of album.

Sandra Bell, "History"

This is a record that I missed the first time around, a 1995 indie rock record out of New Zealand. It was reissued in 2018 with some bonus tracks, which is where I picked it up. It's an interesting record, and it very much sounds like a mid-90s record. I'm glad I picked it up.

Tortoise, "Tjed"

Remixed is a collection of, uh, remixes, mostly of material from Millions Now Living Will Never Die. It's not as good as the original, as you might imagine, but as a big fan of the original record I do like this one.

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