Five Songs, 6/6/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/6/2022

Eminem, "Guilty Conscience"

I am amused at Dr. Dre playing someone's guilty conscience.

Bitch Magnet, "Motor"

Oh yeah, that's the stuff. That late 80s/early 90s production really just connects to me, because of how old I was during that time. Anyway, this is how Bitch Magnet's first album (Umber) kicked off, and it's a good record. Ben Hur is probably a little better, but that's not a knock on this one.

They Might Be Giants, "I Should Be Allowed To Think"

As part of their fan club, TMBG released a set of demos for their excellent John Henry. As you might expect, it's rougher than the final versions, especially given that John Henry is one of the most lush albums they've ever made (thank you major label money). For me, an authentic TMBG weirdo, it's fun to hear different takes on these songs. For you, it's unlikely you're going to care.

The Aquabats!, "Sequence Erase!"

This is how The Aquabats! vs. The Floating Eye Of Death! And Other Amazing Adventures Vol. 1 opens up, and geez, that album title is a mouthful. It doesn't quite land as well as their previous record, but it's nevertheless still very much in the same vein: goofy pseudo-superhero ska nonsense, presented as straightfaced as you could present such a thing. It's fun!

The Wedding Present, "Felicity"

Tommy is a compilation that gathers together the Wedding Present's earliest singles, released just after their debut album. As with all their early work, it's chock full of anxious energy and jittery songs, and while it's not quite as polished as the albums they put out at this time, there's still plenty of goodness here.

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