Five Songs, 7/10/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/10/2021

Boris, "Flower Sun Rain"

This comes to us from Smile, the US version, because Boris being Boris, there are different versions of this record with different track lists for different countries. I'm not a completist on this, and so I'll just declare the US version is the best (inasmuch as it is the one I have). But enough of that, is it a good album? Of course it is, Boris doesn't make bad albums. It's more on their noisier side, coming on the heels of their most accessible record, but I like the noise.

King Crimson, "One Time"

THRAK represented King Crimson coming back from a ten-year hiatus. The previous band returned, but Fripp added two members, resulting in what's called the "double trio" lineup. The result is a mostly very dense but interesting record. The interplay between the the instruments is just fun to listen to. Very good headphones music.

The Flaming Lips, "Sunship Balloons"

We're going pretty proggy today, I guess. This is one of the tunes from the Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell EP, released a little after Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, and capturing that same trippy, poppy sound. It's a good companion piece if you want more of that era of the Lips.

Russian Circles, "Milano"


Jimmy Cliff, "Sitting in Limbo"

Dammit, shuffle, you had one job!

Joshua Buergel
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