Five Songs, 7/16/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/16/2018

It's not great today.

Ghostface Killah, "Woodrow the Base Head"

I like the way that the music keeps coming in and out of this interstitial. That's about the best I can say.

Jean Grae, "Fade Out"

The last track from her debut record, Attack of the Attacking Things (which is an amazing name), this album established Grae as an excellent new artist in hip hop. Her rhymes were really interesting, often twisty things, and it made for a pretty different record from most of what you could hear at the time. The only problem with her is that she just hasn't made very many records. And this song is kind of short.

Devin the Dude, "Motha"

In a twist from the usual, this song is about [checks notes] women and weed.

I feel like I've done that joke multiple times, but you know, Devin has done this song multiple times.

Keep of Kalessin, "Cosmic Revolution (Intro)"

With a name like "Keep of Kalessin", you're probably guessing this is a metal band. And you're right! But this is just the intro from the album Epistemology. Is it pretentious? COME ON, you know it is.

Descendents, "Myage"

The birth of the Descendents! OK, that's a lie - this is the first song of their first album, yes, but they had an EP before this. Whatever! Listen to Bill Stevenson go on drums! This band was frequently infantile, but they were never sloppy.

Joshua Buergel
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