Five Songs, 7/19/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/19/2017

Really happy to get more Neubauten in here, that's some good working music.

Foetus, "Mighty Whity"

This song, from 1995's Gash, makes me wonder exactly how you get Sony to distribute a song about killing whity, all set to a grinding slice of noise and a jaunty trumpet line. But thank goodness somebody figured it out! The whole album is very good, by the way.

Freestyle Fellowship, "Dedications"

Just a little interstitial track in the middle of To Whom It May Concern..., over a Delfonics sample. Good record, though.

Jimmy Ruffin, "How Can I Say I'm Sorry"

And from that Delfonics song, we find ourselves in 1965, with a bit of classic Motown soul. Love the horns here!

Einstürzende Neubauten, "Nnnaaammm"

Here's a good example of later Neubauten, from Ende Neu. Here, Neubauten is mostly working in a Kraftwerk kind of vein, focusing on the carefully layered rhythms, rather than seeing what abrasive noises they can transform into music. Although, you know, there's more than a few sounds in here that sound like malfunctioning cars.

Sebadoh, "Fantastic Disaster"

Sebadoh had a few modes in which they operated. This is a good example of one of them, what I always thought of as the freakout song. Lots of nonsense, both lyrically and musically. The frequency of these songs tends to increase the further back you go in their catalog. This song is from the Bubble and Scrape, a strong album from their Sub Pop days.

Joshua Buergel
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