Five Songs, 7/24/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/24/2017

Still on the road! Still posting music!

Smashing Orange, "All Girls Are Mine"

Part psychedelic pop, part shoegaze, Smashing Orange are a largely forgotten act which probably deserves better. If you're looking for washes of fuzzy guitar and pop melodies, you can do a lot worse. Apparently few enough people have ever written about them that I actually got a random person writing to me a while back, referencing a review I wrote for a Usenet group ages ago, asking if I had any bootlegs or live performances or anything. Alas, I did not.

Should I define my terms? I'll define shoegaze later.

Jonestown, "Short Time Left"

Amphetamine Reptile Records had a long running series of compilation singles called Dope Guns-N-Fucking In The Streets, which they'd periodically gather onto larger CD compilations. They featured most of the bands from AmRep, along with assorted like-minded guest artists. Expect lots of punk and noise rock. This track comes from the Vol 4-7 compilation, and is the only track I have from Jonestown in my collection.

Tremolo, "Baby Blue"

Sometimes, we hit stuff that I'm not sure how it got into my collection. But I can usually make an educated guess. This one? No idea. I appear to have three tracks from Tremolo's album on here, and I have no clue why they're in my collection but not the rest of the album. I think the attack vector here is that they were included on some old phone or computer as "bonus" crap, got sucked into my iTunes library by some automated sweep, and then got pulled into Amazon from there. Like Apple sticking that U2 album on everybody's phone, but way stupider. Anyway, this song is boring. Sorry.

The Mar-Keys, "Bush Bash"

As the first house band for Stax Records, the Mar-Keys are one of the most important bands in pop music history, and few people have heard of them. They graduated a couple members into Booker T. and the MGs, which more people have heard of, but the Mar-Keys laid down the foundation of southern Soul, and echoes of their music still reverberate through music today.

Blue Scholars, "Loyalty"

Blue Scholars back again, this time with a track off their second full album, Bayani. I prefer the debut self-titled album to it, but they're both excellent.

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