Five Songs 7/3/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs 7/3/2017

Four day weekend? You know what that means around here at Five Songs? IT MEANS...HANG ON...TWENTY SONGS! HERE'S FIVE OF THEM!

Chevelle, "Peer"

I was sure that shuffle was going to pull up something distinctly un-rock. Well, I bought this album (Point #1) based entirely on Steve Albini recording it. I thought it was fine, and didn't really go any further. Imagine my surprise when reading a bit about this band to discover that they lasted forever and apparently became huge sellers. Huh. Wouldn't have guessed.

Young Fresh Fellows, "Amy Grant"

Here we have the Fellows operating in some kind of goofball funk mode (a picture captioned "The Worst Funk Band in the World" was in the cassette of this album), with a super dated cultural reference to boot. Still, they have an amiably loose attack here, and the backing vocals are fun. Also, I do like Jesus requesting pure, unadulterated schlock. In other words, I still love this song wholly.

Black Moon, "Niguz Talk Shit"

This is from Enta da Stage, a classic release in the early 90s that was part of a shift towards a darker sound that was soon permeating hip-hop (thanks, to be fair, mostly to the Wu-Tang Clan). The album still holds up something of a companion piece to that first Wu-Tang album, as a similar gritty release.

The Jesus Lizard, "Dancing Naked Ladies"

As I think I'm mentioned before, when they released Liar, the Jesus Lizard were the best rock band on the planet. The punishing and angular noise rock band were at the top of their powers, having released two stone-cold classics in a row. This version, however, comes from Show, the largely pointless live album that documents the band during this time period. I don't have a ton of patience for live albums, personally, and this is no exception.

(NB: this song starts at 22:25 of the linked video.)

Wilco, "Jesus, Etc. (With Andrew Bird) [Live]"

Another track from Alpha Mike Foxtrot, this track is notable primarily because this is a great song, and I would have LOVED to have seen Andrew Bird play with Wilco.

I do wonder when we'll get something not off this record, though.

Joshua Buergel
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