Five Songs, 7/3/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/3/2022

New Bomb Turks, "Girl Can't Help It"

Pissing Out The Poison is a compilation of the early 90s singles and miscellaneous appearances by the New Bomb Turks. As that's their garage-iest period, this is my second favorite release by them. As you would expect from a comp, it's pretty uneven, but they're always bashing away, so it's never boring.

Floor Baba, "Neon Sands"

There's kind of a Prefuse 73 feel to this track, with the way that the bass line sounds kind of inverted in parts of it, and the initial spastic rhythms. As the track evolves, it kind of loses that feeling, but it's kind of a fun connection to make at first.

The Fall, "Winter (Hostel-Maxi)"

I've mentioned before that I've tried repeatedly over the years to click with the Fall without a lot of success. But I'm pleased to say that microdosing the Fall over the years of this project has worked, and I've now taken to listening to their albums and having a great time. So I've got that going for me now, I get to be a "guy who listens to the Fall" now, which is an ambition finally fulfilled.

The Coup, "I Know You"

Kill My Landlord was the Coup's first record, and while from the jump they combined their funk grooves with their social conscience, they hadn't quite totally dialed in their approach. They would refine things on the next record and then really nail it down on the one after that, but even in a bit rougher form, the Coup are always worth listening to.

All Natural, "Elements of Style"

Now I kinda want somebody to rap Strunk & White.

Joshua Buergel
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