Five Songs, 8/18/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/18/2021

Spanish Love Songs, "Routine Pain"

I missed the first couple Spanish Love Songs albums when they came out, because I'm an out of touch loser. So this is the first song I ever heard from the band, and it's simultaneously a seriously impressive tune, totally affecting, and frankly kind of hard to listen to. I think this record is amazing and also I just can't handle listening to it very often.

Mento Buru, "Faraway"

Mento Buru's brand of poppy, upbeat ska is pretty good, but in a lot of ways, I wish that they had just played instrumental stuff. The vocals kind of flatten things out - when it's just the horns, it's a considerably better tune. Ah well.

Homeboy Sandman, "Trauma"

The opener to Don't Feed The Monster, I started listening to Homeboy Sandman after his (great!) collaboration with Edan. This album is in the same vein, full of dusty beats and rhymes focused on storytelling, with a focus on really personal stuff this time around. It's a solid listen.

Coheed and Cambria, "The Dark Sentencer"

A friend joked about Coheed and Cambria being classic rock the other day, and you know what? The first Coheed album was 19 years ago. Let's see, when I was thirteen, music from 19 years ago...oh god, Led Zeppelin II and Abbey Road. Oh no!

DJ/rupture, "In Front Of You"

Still kinda reeling at that last one.

Joshua Buergel
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