Five Songs, 8/20/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/20/2021

Black Moon, "Enta da Stage"

Black Moon's 1993 classic, Enta da Stage, could not have been released at a worse time to get attention. The synthesis of the jazz-inflected beats of Native Tongues and the street rhymes of New York City would have been massively influential had it not landed at roughly the same time as Midnight Mauraders (showing how far these kinds of beats could be taken) and Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (showing how far these kinds of rhymes could go). Nevertheless, the album is a serious banger.

The Dead Milkmen, "Epic Tales of Adventure"

The final album of the Dead Milkmen's peak period, it has some genuinely inspired nonsense scattered across it. It's musically more adept than a bunch of their early records, which isn't really super relevant when you're really here for the attitude and unhinged lyrics.

The Clash, "London Calling"

What can I say? It's the opening track of maybe the best rock album of all-time. It's great! Untold numbers of boomer cranks have collectively written five zillion words about this album, go read them!

Thou, "Deepest Sun"

It's well-established around here that we love EPs at Five Songs Amalgamated, and EPs are another reason to love Thou. They regularly release them between albums, giving the band a chance to kind of explore things. In 2018, leading up the release of a new album, they announced three EPs to explore different parts of their sound. Rhea Sylvia is their homage to the grunge sounds that form one of their pillars. As with pretty much everything they do, it's very good.

Eddie Floyd, "Big Bird"

A mighty tune from Stax giant Eddie Floyd, off of his 1969 album Rare Stamps. I have it on a double-album with I've Never Found A Girl, which is a hell of a bargain. I suppose they don't really make these kinds of double releases any more, though - digital streaming has probably completely killed back-catalog sales.

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