Five Songs, 9/17/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/17/2021

Rockabye Baby!, "I Shot The Sheriff"

Oh god.

Mary Wells, "Bye Bye Baby"


The Frames, "Headlong"

This is the only record I have from The Frames, and I have zero recollection of this band ever existing. I sometimes think Plexasaurus Rex is gaslighting me. At any rate, this DOES sound like something I would have picked up, and a little bit of research suggests that Steve Albini recorded this, which is another reason. I can't judge the entire album (because I don't remember ever listening to it), but this has a little bit of a vibe similar to the Wedding Present's slower tunes. Not bad!

Killdozer, "Hush"

Killdozer's covers-only album, For Ladies Only, is just a consistent delight. What is impressive is that every song they take on is pretty much pounded flat to sound like themselves, no matter if they're covering Deep Purple (as in this song) or Elvis or whoever. No song is unscathed.

Goblin Cock, "Montrossor"

hee hee...goblin cock

Joshua Buergel
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