Five Songs, 9/27/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/27/2017

One of my favorite bands showing up here for the first time today.

Calexico, "Coyoacán"

I'm surprised we haven't heard from Calexico before now. Calexico is a long-running band out of Arizona that makes an unmistakable mix of spaghetti western soundtracks, surf, jazz, mariachi, and some pop. There's nobody else that really sounds like them, and they've kept up the tremendous quality now for about twenty years. This song comes from their latest, Edge of the Sun, and gives you at least a good idea of one type of song you'll find on their albums.

Albert King, "Angel of Mercy"

Stax/Volt was, of course, primarily known for the R&B and soul that they produced. But they were also home to Albert King, famous blues guitarist best known for "Born Under a Bad Sign". This is one of his later singles for Stax, from the third volume of those compilations.

Uncle Tupelo, "Grindstone (1991 Longview Farm Acoustic Demo)"

This is from one of the bonus tracks tacked onto the end of the CD release of March 16-20, 1992, their all-acoustic album. The demos fit in pretty well with the rest of the album, which is excellent.

Unwound, "Go To Dallas And Take A Left"

From Repetition, Unwound's first great album. The way this track slowly speeds up is fantastic, and then the jumble of horns and noise at the end. Love it.

The Pyramids, "Igloo"

Another disc from that Hydra Head grab bag, I'm not entirely sure what to make of this band. I suppose they're combining post-rock with black metal? Ish? It's a bit of an odd mix, as you can hear from this track. I liked it enough to pick up another of their albums later.

Joshua Buergel
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