Five Songs, 1/12/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/12/2021

Thou, "Sifting"

Thou released a bunch of stuff in 2020. One of them was a compilation of Nirvana covers that they'd released in various other places, gathered together as Blessings of the Highest Order. This, of course, is the last song from Bleach, and it's a real punisher here. The entire album is a good time.

Head of David, "Bugged"

Head of David is notable mostly for inspiring a bunch of other bands, not to mention being Justin Broadrick's proving ground for the sound he would later refine as Godflesh. As for the band itself, a lot of their stuff sounds pretty leaden, but this track is pretty good.

David Bowie, "The Man Who Sold The World"

The title track of the album that really began the peak period in Bowie's career, but it gets a little bit lost in the shuffle as it doesn't really have any of his classic tracks on them, and is overshadowed by his next couple albums. His next album was the incredible Hunky Dory, and it's hard not to get blown away by that.

Einstürzende Neubauten, "Seele Brennt"

Neubauten, y'all! Strategies Against Architecture II is real, real good.

Black Sabbath, "Children of the Grave"

Black Sabbath launched multiple metal subgenres in their time. "Black Sabbath" (the song) more or less launched doom metal on its own, and stoner and sludge are both essentially rooted in the album that gave us this song, Master of Reality. Sludge and stoner bands are all still basically copying Tony Iommi's work on this album, and why wouldn't they?

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