Five Songs, 1/12/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/12/2022

Latitudes, "Amnio"

I went and checked what I said about this band the last couple times they've come up, and I've described them as kind of doom, kind of post-rock each time. I stand by it! Good enough, let's ship it!

Discordance Axis, "Oratorio in Grey"

And then we have the opposite end of metal, just pure grindcore speed and fury. It's for the best that most of these songs are about a minute long.

J-Zone, "I Smell Smoke"

During his transition from rapper/producer to funk musician, J-Zone released some singles which had instrumentals on them which pointed towards the direction he would go with the Du-Rites. It's fun listening to him find his way towards his new style with this stuff.

Steel Pole Bath Tub, "Cherry Tomato"

Noise weirdos Steel Pole Bath Tub ended up on a major label in 1995, because if you made a racket with guitars in the mid-90s, you could be on a major label if you wanted to be. They put out one record and then disappeared. Turns out, they actually recorded one more record that the major wouldn't put out, which eventually surfaced in 2001 under the name Unlistenable. It's a decent record, although it's not as directed as their best work (The Miracle of Sound in Motion). Steel Pole Bath Tub should have stayed underground, and I would have liked to get more records from them.

Craw, "405"

More noise rock! Cleveland's Craw put out three record in the 90s on various indie labels before releasing one on Hydra Head and breaking up. The first three records became hard to find, until a collection was crowdfunded to get them back in to print. And it's great that they were resurrected, this kind of grunty filth is very much my jam and I'm happy to have it in the library.

Joshua Buergel
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