Five Songs, 1/16/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/16/2018

Today's music.

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, "Come On Do The Jerk"

Smokey Robinson here with the official anthem of red pillers everywhere.

Slick Rick, "The Ruler's Back"

Slick Rick's classic debut, The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick, was tremendously influential. While there's nothing super special about the beats, Rick's flow (complete with odd delivery) and storytelling were groundbreaking at the time. You can see his influence just by listening for how many great rappers pay homage to him, ranging from Ice Cube, to Snoop Dogg, to Black Star, among many, many others.

But how does it hold up today? While the beats all sound dated as hell, Rick still sounds pretty good. And take a listen for how many times you hear references to this album all over the place, you'll start noticing it everywhere.

M83, "Staring At Me"

I like the keyboards on this song.

Phew, that's some serious insight, huh? CAN'T JUST GET THIS ANYWHERE!

Booker T. & The MGs, "Double or Nothing"

A simple song in a lot of ways, but still a welcome addition around here. Just, so cool. Have I recommended albums? Hip Hug-Her is awesome.

Voodoo Glow Skulls, "This Ain't No Disco"

Some more horn driven hardcore here. I'm not sure why this doesn't connect with me any more, but while I'm usually happy when other hardcore shows up, this stuff just doesn't really make my wheels squeak any more.

Joshua Buergel
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