Five Songs, 1/17/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/17/2021

Firewater, "This Is My Life"

One of the highlights on the best Firewater album, Golden Hour. It's an album that attempts to answer the question "what if we just made the whole album out of highlights".

Calexico, "Yours and Mine"

Hot damn, shuffle bringing the fire today! Garden Ruin was the follow-up to my favorite Calexico record, Feast of Wire. With this album, Calexico nudged slightly further away from the mariachi sounds being quite as dominant as prior records, with a little more country and folk creeping in to replace it. There are also no instrumentals on the album, another break with the past. That's not to say there aren't any southwestern sounds on the album, just that there is a little less influence. This song is a fine example, this is pretty much just pure country. But lovely!

Fucked Up, "Echo Boomer"

Fucked Up is usually classified as hardcore, which is more true earlier than it is on this record, Glass Boys. While Damian Abraham still is screaming like in hardcore, the music doesn't always sound that way, this song being a great example. Vocals aside, this sounds like a Hold Steady song. Good album, though.

clipping., "Face (JPEGMAFIA Remix)"

clipping.'s first EP, Face, got reissued in 2018 with some bonus tracks, making it much easier to get a hold of. I don't really know about all the remixes, though.

Charles Mingus, "Better Git It In Your Soul"

Mingus taking us out today with 11 minutes of bliss. Enjoy!

Joshua Buergel
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