Five Songs, 1/18/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/18/2018

Your periodic reminder that there's an index to this nonsense. And here's today's music.

Ghostface Killah, "Be Easy"

From one of his best albums, Fishscale, and the best album he's made that wasn't produced by the RZA. This album finds Ghostface in top form, energetically spitting crazy nonsense, and he's paired with some great production. On this track, Pete Rock is absolutely laying it down.

Paris Combo, "Moi, Mon Âme Et Ma Conscience (Live)"

This is the second time we've had Ghostface and the Paris Combo in the same playlist. This is Five Songs, baby!

(NB: this is not the same live version as my shuffle pulled up.)

Gang Starr, "2 Deep"

East coast rap stalwarts Gang Starr were very influential in the development of the scene, particularly DJ Premier's jazzy beats. I never loved Gang Starr - while Premier's work is incredible, I never really loved Guru's delivery. Still, it's hard to deny the quality of Daily Operation.

Crudbump, "I Don't Do Shit"

Truly, Crudbump is one of the crucial artists of today.

Propagandhi, "Natural Disaster"

From Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes, this album is the one where Propagandhi seemed like they were getting more serious than they were previously. There was always a bit of a goofy energy to their previous albums that largely seemed absent from here going forward.

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