Five Songs, 1/19/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/19/2021

Television, "Venus"

Television's Marquee Moon is a landmark album for good reason. It's a key album in establishing post-punk, with its sophisticated winding guitars and complex songs. But anybody who describes Television always makes it sound so much more clinical and cerebral than it really is. The experience of listening to the record is really just so pleasant.

craft, "The Cosmic Sphere Falls"

craft is a black metal band from Sweden that has been around for ages, putting out an album every five years or so. This is their most recent one, which I picked up for some reason, and it didn't stick with me at all.

The Isley Brothers, "What It Comes Down To"

You know, we could really do with more Isley Brothers around here! It looks like I've only got four albums, and that's not nearly enough. Time to increase that number!

christian fitness, "national insurance"

One thing Andrew Falkous always has on his albums is a wonderful tone to guitars. All big and warm and fuzzy.

Iron Maiden, "Killers"

Killers is the second of the two pre-Bruce Dickinson Maiden albums, and it's one of my favorites. Mainly because Steve Harris's fun bass work is so front-and-center, and the songs are a good time. It's not the best Maiden record, but it's excellent and the songs have a very different feel without Dickinson wailing on them.

Joshua Buergel
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