Five Songs, 1/20/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/20/2018

Today's music.

Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, "They Don't Call Them Chihuahuas Anymore"

I want to call to attention how immaculate this recording sounds. All three instruments just have so much space to operate in. At any moment, you can focus entirely on any instrument and really concentrate on it. Or, of course, you can just relax and enjoy the charming song.

Arctic Monkeys, "Do Me A Favor"

Honestly, the way this song starts, it could have been a Shadowy Men song. At least until the vocals kick in. British underground rock Arctic Monkeys became pretty big deals, propelled by the Internet, but it was pretty justified. The first couple albums were very much in the vein of bands like the Strokes and Franz Ferdinand, but done very well. I didn't really follow them beyond the first two albums, though.

The Sunshine Fix, "Hide In The Light"

More shameless Beatles-esque pop from The Sunshine Fix.

Unwound, "One Lick Less"

The opener of the second disc of Leaves Turn Inside You, there's something kind of daring about starting an album like this. It's not as jarring when you listen to the whole thing right in a row, but listened as two halves, it's an odd way to start. But Unwound never cared about convention.

Jo Jongo, "Jangolo"

Part of the Africa Airways One (Funk Connection 1973-1980) compilation, this is a really fun album. I know basically nothing about any of these artists, mind you. Africa Seven is a revival label that has been steadily putting out African music for a few years now, and the compilations I've tried have all been very good.

Joshua Buergel
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