Five Songs, 1/23/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/23/2018

Today's songs.

David Bowie, "Sound and Vision"

A song from Low, the collaboration with Brian Eno that I brought up last time. A record jammed full of synths and ideas, this might be the most conventional and accessible song on the album. I'll be honest, I kind of don't feel totally qualified to talk about Bowie. I like a lot of his music, but I'm far from an expert.

Pussy Galore, "Nyc:1999"

This song gives a good idea of what Pussy Galore sounded like when they kind of had their shit together. To the extent their shit was ever together. Manic garage rock with atonal shouting was basically the order of the day.

Elvis Costello, "Alison (Live)"

This is a live version of one of his hits off his first record. This version was on a bonus disc included with the re-issue of Armed Forces, one of the middle discs in Costello's fantastic run of albums. While not my favorite of the run (that's This Year's Model), it's probably my second favorite of the sequence.

(NB: this isn't the same live version I just listened to.)

Brent's TV, "Closer to the Equator"

Part of an exhaustive, posthumous collection of songs by Sweet Baby and their followup band, Brent's TV. I'm not sure I really needed these 40 songs, though. I bought this blind from Lookout, because I liked so many of their bands, and this record kind of cured me of thinking that was a good idea.

OU, "La Mentita"

I heard "Wok" on the radio and really liked it, so I picked up this album. Why not? I guess I didn't have enough French jazz in my life? Anyway, while I don't think anything on it beats "Wok", it's still a fun listen. I'd say more, but you know the drill here.

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