Five Songs, 1/24/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/24/2019

I had to upload three of these tracks today. I know nobody cares.

Marvin Gaye, "Flyin' High (In The Friendly Sky)"

I'm pretty confident I've posted my contrarian/asshole take on What's Going On, which is that it has some seriously great tunes, but actually is kind of flabby as an album and as a consequence is a flawed record. This song is an example - it's kind of meandering and doesn't add much to the album.

Buzzkill, "Me"

There's this sense with Buzzkill that all of their songs are kind of a put on. Like, pretty sure this one is just poking fun at Slint.

The Karl Hendricks Trio, "Your Damned Impertinence"

Uh, speaking of Slint. Anyway, this song is the emotional center of A Gesture of Kindness, probably the Karl Hendricks Trio's best record. Karl sounds like his heart is breaking, and the stretched out arc of the song fits with the lyrics. These guys were great, it's a shame more people never knew about them.

Belle & Sebastian, "I'm Not Living In the Real World"

I should put together a playlist of just Stevie Jackson's songs and listen to them all to see what I think. There are definitely a bunch of them that I really like, such as this one.

Boredoms, "Pop Tatari"

One of the truly remarkable things about the Boredoms isn't that they made a whole bunch of records of utterly spazzed out free-association puctuated by lunatic screaming. No, it's that they managed to get a major label to release any of it. This comes from Pop Tatari, which was actually released by Reprise Records. It's probably not the least commercial thing ever released by a major, but it's got to be close, and I certainly can't think of anything that beats it.

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