Five Songs, 1/25/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/25/2018

Today's music.

Coil, "Who By Fire"

Peter Christopherson is one of the true innovators of underground music, performing as a member of industrial/noise pioneers Psychic TV and Throbbing Gristle. He then went on to become part of Coil, a band dedicated to electronic music in all its forms. Coil worked with an impressive list of collaborators over the years, and their career is hard to describe. While usually lumped in with industrial acts, usually due to the company they kept, Coil was much more organic and human than most of industrial music. It usually made them all the more unsettling as a consequence. Coil tended to explore the underbelly of human existence, and their lyrics were usually pretty unflinching and often pretty out there.

All that said, this is a fairly conventional take on a Leonard Cohen song.

Gorguts, "Absconders"

Gorguts broke up in the early 2000s after the suicide of a band member, but did eventually reform, putting out Colored Sands in 2013. Despite a dozen years between albums, they hadn't missed a step, resuming right where they left off with their dissonant take on death metal. Their post-breakup records have been great so far, so I'm glad they're back at it.

Freeway, "Baby Don't Do It"

From Freeway's second album, Free At Last, the album suffers from not having Just Blaze and Kanye West around to help produce it. Freeway was also caught up in the drama around his label, which I think also hurt the quality of the album. It's still decent, but not as good as either his debut or The Stimulus Package. Love hearing Scarface on this song, though.

Marv Johnson, "Why Do You Want To Let Me Go"

We've visiting Motown in 1965 with this song.

All, "Cause"

From Breaking Things, the first record with Chad Price on vocals rather than Scott Reynolds. It was quite a bit better than the previous record, with a much more energetic sound than Percolater. However, it would turn out to be a final hurrah, as All would fall off the cliff with their next record.

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