Five Songs, 1/28/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/28/2022

Danny Brown, "Greatest Rapper Ever"

I love the hubris in naming the first track on your debut album "Greatest Rapper Ever". It's a little like the now forgotten Cinder Block naming their first LP Greatest Hits, something I think about a lot even though I'm probably the only person who ever thinks about Cinder Block. Including, likely, the members.

I'm sure other bands have done the same bit, but that one sticks with me.

Cloud Nothings, "Walking to England"

Another song from one of their subscriber EPs, finding them very much in an Elephant 6 mode. The range of Cloud Nothings is always impressive.

Fluf, "Hashin' It Out"

This is from the debut from this San Diego band, Mangravy. From the start, they were making stuff in this sort of Hüsker Dü vein, but executed well. In their crunchier moments, they also sort of presaged Torche a little bit. It's an appealing sound, and all four of their records are a good time.

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, "Better Things"

Oh my! That slinky, teasing trumpet line is absolutely delicious in the opening of the song. The entire song is just a big ol' hug.

Public Enemy, "The Making of Burn Hollywood Burn"

Man, this is just kind of sad.

Joshua Buergel
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