Five Songs, 1/5/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/5/2018

Hey, let's do another roundup! This time, it's an aggregation of different metal lists. Useful! And, of course, some music for today.

Pegboy, "Spaghetti Western"

Yup, more or less hit the wall on things to say about Pegboy. It's still the usual melodic punk sound that is perfectly pleasant to listen to. That's more dismissive than I intend it to be.

Sebadoh, "Mean Distance"

This comes from Smash Your Head On The Punk Rock, the first album from Sebadoh to be released on Sub Pop, as they made the leap from the minor leagues to...well, the bigger minor leagues. But Sub Pop in the early 90s was a pretty big deal, and it was news that the slacker kings of low fi were making their way to the home of grunge. This album is itself a compilation of sorts, with bits and pieces of previous releases collected into an incoherent record. But all Sebadoh records were incoherent, mostly due to the three different song writers and how they approched things. This song is itself a bit of a microcosm of that, as it's credited to all three and goes bananas with a minute left in the track.

MURDOCK, "The Signal In The Noise"

Speaking of going bananas. After reading a review of this album that looked good, I tried it blind. While it's not bad, it didn't really grab me. There's a certain attempt here to have a Dillinger Escape Plan vibe, but it doesn't quite feel right.

Frank Black, "Old Black Drawing"

Another track from his self-titled record, the first thing he released after the Pixies broke up. And it's a solid album, one that probably gets better the more my annoyance at the Pixies going away gets further in the past.

Jean Knight, "Mr. Big Stuff"

Holy shit, what a good song. I mean, damn. One of those songs where I listened to it during my shuffle, and then listened to the whole thing again while assembling the YouTube playlist.

Joshua Buergel
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