Five Songs, 1/7/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/7/2021

The Beatles, "Birthday"

Stupid Beatles! It's not my birthday! Or this blog's birthday, which is a day off of mine! I can't put them in charge of anything.

christian fitness, "all ghosts to medicine counter four"

When you make really elaborate song or album names, it can easily tip over into pretension or tweeness. Andrew Falkous does a really good job with it, though. I mean, this album is called Love Letters In The Age of Steam. That's really good!

The Books, "the lemon of pink"

This is the title track of a great leftfield pop record, which successfully marries acoustic indie pop with collage techniques, giving a fractured sensbility that makes the songs more interesting without seeming pointless. It's not easy to cross these genres, with the acoustic side relying on intimacy and warmth and electronic music often trading on alienation, distance, or mechanical repetition. That they not only pull it off, but nailed it this well is super impressive.

Polyrhythmics, "Car Crash"

This is from the first album from the Seattle funk/afro-beat band, and is actually the first track from that album. So, right out of the gate, they already sounded self-assured and dialed in. Anyway, I can basically listen to this kind of thing constantly.

Blondie, "In The Flesh"

Blondie's first album, part of new wave, had a lot more pop sensibility than the other albums of that scene, and it's kind of easy to forget given the songs from Blondie that have endured. But a song like this really brings it home. This is a 60's girl group song!

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