Five Songs, 1/7/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/7/2022

Dave, "Streatham"

I wonder if Dave (this rapper, who is from the UK and is excellent) is frustrated by Dave, the guy from the TV show?

Ikebe Shakedown, "Unqualified"

The most recent album from Afro-beat/soul/funk band Ikebe Shakedown, who differentiate themselves from some of their peers with a bit more of a cinematic approach to these things, driven mostly by the horns. By this point, four albums in, their approach is very refined.

Rancid, "Rwanda"

This is from Rancid's self-titled release, and is...wait, no, not the debut album. No, not the EP. The 2000 release. Anyway, I dunno, Rancid is Rancid, I've got a couple albums from them and it's kind of enough for me.

2Pac, "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted"

2Pac's final prehumous release All Eyez on Me is definitely too much of a good thing. Like most of the mid-90s rap double albums, it could have used some editing to get it down to just the killer stuff. As it is, I wear out on listening to the whole thing long before it's done. 2Pac's relentlessly percussive attack on the mic sounds great for a while but induces fatigue after you hear enough of it.

M. Ward, "Stars of Leo"

It's always a little bit of a crapshoot with me if I'm going to connect to this sort of folky indie rock stuff. I can't ever really tell ahead of time, and I think it just kind of comes down to if I get hung up on the songs. Perhaps I didn't give this record a fair shake, but there's not a song on here that sticks with me after I listen to it, so I gave up on M. Ward entirely. Can't listen to everybody!

Joshua Buergel
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