Five Songs, 10/1/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/1/2017

Happy October! It's a little ska-ish in here today. Sorry about that.

Magic Hour, "Sally Free and Easy"

Magic Hour is Wayne Rogers (Crystalized Movements) and another guitarist along with the rhythm section from Galaxie 500. They lasted a couple of albums, sounding exactly like the combination of their two progenitor bands - alternately dreamy and psychedelic. I was mostly here for the psychedelic guitar, personally.

The Specials, "A Message To You Rudy"

This track kicks off the Specials' self-titled debut album, which just to reiterate from last time, is probably the best ska album ever made.

The Beatnuts, "Let's Git Doe"

The Beatnuts were a producing crew who made their name doing beats for others and eventually started releasing their own records. Unfortunately, while the beats were good, their ability on the mic wasn't anything to write home about, so I'm afraid I can't really recommend them exactly.

Lily Allen, "Littlest Things"

Another track from Alright, Still, and another song that it's hard not to be charmed by. Oh, and we can tie two of today's acts together: Lily Allen performed "Gangsters" with The Specials live! (PS: don't read the comments.)

The Busters, "Rude Vibrations"

Is there no end to forgotten third-wave ska bands in my collection? NO THERE IS NOT. Anyway, The Busters were different for having gotten started earlier than most, and being from Germany. But, you know, nobody actually cares. Go listen to that Specials track again!

Joshua Buergel
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