Five Songs, 10/11/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/11/2018

New verison of Ghost! So far, I don't like it. Whatever. Still basically works. I have music for you!

Lungfish, "Reveal Me"

I have a very distinct memory of listening to this album while wandering around Wean Hall at my college, and paying a lot of attention to it, and deciding that I just didn't really like it very much. I'm not sure what set me off about it, but I very much decided that Lungfish weren't for me. This is from their debut album, and apparently they lasted for a long time, and I stuck to my guns. I haven't heard anything else from them. Maybe they were good! I don't know!

Yesterday's New Quintet, "Last Day"

This song kind of sounds like it wandered in from a Boredoms record. We just need Yamantaka Eye howling over the top of it.

Quicksand, "Sick Mind"

You can tell I'm old, because I get excited when bands come back after twenty-year hiatuses and make new records. Maybe it's not too late for me! I might still rock! (I do not, nver have, and never will. The top of my medical range now is "horrify my kids in the car".) Anyway, it was a mere 22 years between Manic Compression and Interiors, and Quicksand still sounds great. Anybody who has read much of this knows I'm a total sucker for this post-hardcore junk, so I'm all over this album.

Rocket From The Crypt, "Slow"

Rocket From The Crypt were very prolific and cheerfully put songs out through a wide variety of outlets, but had the good grace to gather them together on periodic compilations. This comes from All Systems Go 2, which is indeed the second of these things, and it's very good. Like any comp, it kind of bounces around a bit, but it's a solid collection.

fIREHOSE, "4.29.92"

We're going very rock heavy today! fIREHOSE ended up on a major label, Colubmia, like so many other rock bands in the 90s. Mr. Machinery Operator was the second record on Colubmia, and I was super annoyed when it came out, as J. Mascis (of Dinosaur Jr.) produced the whole thing, and you could really tell. It's mostly a mess, and the relatively aggro rock of the whole thing just didn't seem to really hang together for the band. It's easily the worst of their five albums, and very much skippable.

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