Five Songs, 10/15/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/15/2017

Super late night tunes for y'all!

They Might Be Giants, "Alienation's For The Rich"

From TMBG's first album, when they sort of put on different musical styles more like outfits than playing them with any real conviction. The album has some real gems on it, but there are also tracks that come across as just pure goofs. The goofs wouldn't really go away, but got more sophisticated.

MC Frontalot, "Very Poorly Concealed Secret Track"

The standard bearer of "nerdcore", MC Frontalot will give you a good idea of if the idea of people rapping about nerd shit is something you love. I think I own one nerdcore album, this one, which probably tells you what I think.

Mule, "Nowhere's Back"

Mule is back with another piece of Midwestern punk. I had forgotten this album existed, honestly, and I kind of like the organ on this track.

Belle & Sebastian, "Consuelo Leaving"

This comes from Storytelling, an album that Belle & Sebastian made to score the movie of the same name. I haven't seen the movie (apparently it was butchered in the final cut), and honestly, this album doesn't make me want to go see it. It's my least favorite of their studio albums, and is eminently forgettable.

Mudhoney, "Suck You Dry"

Vintage Mudhoney, from Piece of Cake, this is just their usual grimy slab of rock and roll. Listen to that guitar tone. Beautiful!

Joshua Buergel
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