Five Songs, 10/20/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/20/2022

U.S. Maple, "Rice Ain't Afraid of Nothing"

U.S. Maple more or less perfected devolved rock, where the songs are recognizable as being rock songs, but the form of them is perverted to the straining point. Any more mutated, and it probably ceases to be something you could credibly describe as being in the same genre as, I dunno, the Dave Matthews Band (to choose a band that was popular when U.S. Maple made this record). We need these sort of tricksters, as they set the boundaries of what is acceptable by pushing them further out.

Neil Young, "A Man Needs A Maid"

Harvest was a massive seller, but approaching it well beyond its commercial heyday, there are definitely some clunkers on it. Like this one, a leaden orchestrated piece that overwhelms its message of loneliness and fear of commitment with too many syrupy strings.

Bob Marley & the Wailers, "Cry to Me"

Some real titans of music today! Bob Marley, Neil Young, and Mark Shippy.

Trumans Water, "Sun Tastes Like Fire"

Trumans Water evolved quite a bit from their pretty spastic early stuff to their later albums, although they would stay pretty restless in terms of their approach. This closes out their self-titled sixth album with about as lovely a song as they've made.

Baroness, "Seasons"

Yeah, good example! This being in the same genre as U.S. Maple stretches credulity, but nevertheless, here we are.

Joshua Buergel
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