Five Songs, 10/21/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/21/2020

The Reindeer Section, "If Everything Fell Quiet"

The Reindeer Section is a Scottish supergroup, featuring members of Belle & Sebastian, Snow Patrol, Arab Strap, Mogwai, and others. The resulting album actually sounds a lot more coherent than what you normally expect from a supergroup, primarily because the songs were all written by Gary Lightbody (of Snow Patrol). The rest of the folks here fill out the roster, and they do it quite ably.

John Coltrane, "I'm Old Fashioned (Rudy Van Gelder Edition)"

Next song on this record? "I'm Not Qualified (To Talk About Jazz) (2020 Remaster)".

Pop Will Eat Itself, "Can U Dig It?"

I sort of stumbled across Pop Will Eat Itself in high school as an industrial fanatic, after hearing a song from Cure For Sanity in a store and getting drawn in by graphics on the CDs and the synths. What I ended up with wasn't industrial, but certainly had elements of industrial dance. And bits of hip-hop. And just a whole lot of other stuff. I wasn't sure what to make of it all, but I certainly liked it enough to pick up the other records that they had. And I have to say, the fun attitude here means this has aged a lot better than similar stuff from that period.

Whiskeytown, "16 Days"

Ryan Adams, alt-country stalwart, got started with Whiskeytown with this album, Faithless Street. And, honestly, if you didn't know that this was "alt" country, you'd just think it was a country record. Which it is! A good one, at that. While Whiskeytown's best work (and Adams's, for that matter) would be in the future, this is still a solid album.

Big Drill Car, "5 Year Itch"

The extended Descendents family tree is what got me first loving punk rock, and when it all clicked for me, that was kind of where I really started exploring. Big Drill Car is an adjacent band, signed to All's Cruz Records (All being descended from the Descendents), produced by Bill Stevenson, and playing in very much the same way. And while this is really just All-lite, it's pleasant enough to listen to, although I doubt it's really worth chasing for anybody that didn't encounter it as a teenager like me.

Joshua Buergel
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