Five Songs, 10/23/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/23/2017

Today is not the most coherent set.

Wu-Tang Clan, "The M.G.M."

A repeat! Six songs today, people!

Gorguts, "Nostalgia"

This comes from Obscura, a landmark album in death metal where Gorguts explored how dissonant and downright strange they could make a metal album. This kind of unhinged musical exploration is where I've always found my favorites in death metal, and this kind of spastic noise really has as much in common with the avant garde as it does with traditional metal. This kind of thing can take a bit to absorb, as it's disorienting to listen to at first, but I find it all really interesting.

Pussy Galore, "New Breed"

We discussed Pussy Galore a bit in the context of Royal Trux, but just to kind of reiterate: Pussy Galore is what happens when you have a bunch of noise-minded punks who legitimately give zero fucks about boring stuff like "tunes", "musical skill", or "good taste". Dedicated to anarchic racket, they did gradually start to pick up some skill and their records mostly just kept getting better. If "better" is really something you're looking for in this type of nonsense. At any rate, Pussy Galore is mostly notable for launching the career of Jon Spencer, who would go on to do great stuff with his Blue Explosion, and mostly are a bit of a footnote. This comes from Right Now!, which can be kind of a fun slab of garage rock, although I can't really exactly recommend it.

Shenandoah Davis, "East-Facing Window"

I see we're going to wander to the other side of the musical map. I don't know a ton about Shenandoah Davis - this record was included in a roundup on Bandcamp, and being a Seattle homer I took a stab at it. And I think it's lovely. Very little of the music I regularly listen to has an actual piano in it, and that's a shame. I like the piano!

New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, "Prime Suspect"

Another track from the debut album by the New-York Ska Jazz Ensemble, this time an original composition.

Chris Lawhorn, "Bulldog Front / Runaway Return / Shut the Door / Foreman's Dog"

Another one of the tracks from Fugazi Edits, which as always makes me want to go listen to the originals. Some of the tracks on the album are more successful than others - I think this is one of the less successful ones.

Joshua Buergel
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