Five Songs, 10/28/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/28/2021

Screeching Weasel, "The First Day of Winter"

Another cut from Television City Dream, which as far as I know is the last Screeching Weasel album (it absolutely is not). I'm kind of hard on Screeching Weasel in this space, but you know, I do like this junk, even if I know it's kind of the Pringles of punk rock.

Gas Huffer, "Beware of Viking"

Meanwhile, I'm more likely to listen to something kind of garage-y at this point. I dunno, something a little grittier just kind of gets me going more than the Ramones-inspired stuff.

Ugly Duckling, "Down the Road"

The first Ugly Duckling album is still their best work, on balance. The beats and loops all sound nice and crisp, the punchlines are pretty charming, and the whole thing is just lighthearted and pleasant. It's not breaking any new ground or anything, but it's OK to just listen to a record for a good time.

Denmark Vessey, "High Noon Titan"

Denmark Vessey is a collaborator of Quelle Chris, which makes total sense when you listen to this. I've just got this one record from him, and it's tasty, so I should really follow up and track some more stuff down.

Durand Jones & the Indications, "Circles"

Wooooo, listen to that drum intro! And the strings! Dang. I rewound this four times to listen to that intro again and again.

Joshua Buergel
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