Five Songs, 10/4/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/4/2023

Dr. Dre, "Mix Tape 2 Track 1"

My understanding is that this is from a mix tape that Dre used to sell at the Compton Swap Meet, which eventually made its way onto the internet. I've got three of these things, and it's a delight to just hear this stuff in its raw form. Enjoy!

Farside, "Search for Ourselves"

Farside is one of the reasons I stopped making playlists on YouTube. I used to find tracks on the service, and if they were missing, I'd upload it to an unlisted video and add it to my playlist. It was kind of useful to have them there, but a problem that would happen is that the content ID system there would flag stuff. Fine, whatever, other people should get any (non-existant) royalties. But sometimes, labels or artists would have songs as prohibited uploads, so I just couldn't host some songs there. Pain in the ass! Oh, also YouTube is a cesspool.

Spent, "The Pilot's Lament"

I should do a roundup of "[Foo's] Lament" songs. There are a lot of them! Yes, one of them is from the Decemberists.

Frank Black and the Catholics, "I Gotta Move"

Frank Black's work with the Catholics is some of the most straightforward stuff he's ever done. This is really just capital-R Rock, and it's fine? Not really what I'm looking for from him, but if I ignore that it's from him, sure, it's fine?

Pusha T, "Untouchable"

King Push - Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude is kind of a strange record, but Pusha T has had kind of a strange career after Clipse. Love the Biggie sample here, though.

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