Five Songs, 10/5/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/5/2022

Yautja, "The Spectacle"

Yautja are chameleons with different styles coming to the fore in their albums, but this song is also kind of a chameleon. There's some heavy noise rock here, some grind-y bits, but with those sections kind of distinct here, shifting between them easily.

Elbow, "Leaders of the Free World"

A rock song like this really needs to justify six minutes.

9353, "Famous Last Words"

I do think it's pretty funny when American punk bands have accents like this. It seems particularly odd when it's this far removed from the original punk scene.

Coldcut, "Space Journey"

Coldcut are the founders of Ninja Tune, the iconic label that has put out tons of classic electronic records over the years. Unfortunately, I'm not sure any of those classics are from Coldcut themselves. Their best stuff was really DJ stuff, but their original compositions were usually a bit uneven, so it's hard to point to any of their albums as must-haves.

Geryon, "De Profundis"

"De Profundis" seems like the sort of phrase that a lot of metal bands would lock onto. Metallum has three bands with that name (and two additional variants), 21 releases named that (along with 13 additional elaborations), and 55 songs with that exact name (and a hundred or beyond that with it as a part). Not bad!

Joshua Buergel
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