Five Songs, 10/6/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/6/2023

The Good, The Bad & The Queen, "Herculean"

This is one of Damon Albarn's side projects, kind of a supergroup. And it was sort of the record that convinced me that maybe Damon Albarn's stuff isn't really my jam. It's not like I don't like this or anything, but it doesn't excite me either. And I think that's mostly true of his other work: I have no objection to Blur or Gorillaz, but I don't seek any of them out either. Just not for me (and not for lack of trying).

Helm, "I Knew You Would Respond"

What did I see about Helm last time. [checks] Not much insight there. An interesting thing I can is that J.G. Thirlwell (Foetus et al) did some arranging on the record, which I think you might be able to hear here.

Portastatic, "Mute2"

I Hope Your Heart Is Not Brittle is Mac McCaughan's first record as Portastatic, an echo-y and often forlorn record. I think McCaughan's songs are much stronger with the full arrangements with Superchunk, so I never really listen to this record despite being a huge Superchunk fan.

Atmosphere, "Stopwatch"

Mi Vida Loca isn't an Atmosphere record that I've really connected with. I actually find that that's true of about of half of Atmosphere's records, without any real pattern to it. I guess I really only dive in to alternate records or so? Probably entirely my fault.

Adrian Quesada, "Mentiras con cariño"

I picked up this record because J-Zone is on the drums, and it was an excellent call. You'll find on these entries that I often follow individuals across projects, and it remains a core of my music discovery to this day. That's not unique or anything, but I'll follow individuals pretty far. Gotta find music somehow!

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