Five Songs, 10/8/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/8/2017

Today, honestly, is kind of a mess.

Fuck The Facts, "The Wrecking"

Fuck The Facts are mostly grindcore, although there are some death metal tendencies in spots. This song, for instance, is more towards the death metal end of things. I mean, this track is over four minutes long!

Frank Black, "Hang On To Your Ego"

Oh, Frank. "Hang On To Your Ego"? Anyway, yes, this is a cover of the Beach Boys song.

The Kinks, "Mr. Shoemaker's Daughter"

A lot of the Kinks I've listened to feels like I'm looking through a window at another country. Which, I suppose, I am. There's something so quintessentially English about their songs that comes through so strongly. I mean, this album is called Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire).

They Might Be Giants, "Wake Up Call"

From No, there's not a ton to really say about this. I do like Marty Beller's break towards the end of the song.

Digital Underground, "Packet Prelude"

Geez, pretty lightweight set of songs today. OK, so, I'll have more to say about the Digital Underground next time they come up, but this is from Sex Packets, part of the "Sex Packets" suite of songs that ends the album. I guess what I'll say is simply that dismissing this album as a novelty is doing it a severe disservice. Yes, it's ridiculous and funny, but it's also very, very good.

Joshua Buergel
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