Five Songs, 10/9/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/9/2022

Chris Farren, "Red Wire Blue Wire"

In a fine concept for an album, Death Don't Wait (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is a soundtrack for a non-existent spy movie. I'm already a sucker for spy music, so I enjoy this quite a bit.

Melvins, "Night Goat"

There are definitely moments on Houdini where the idea of the Melvins breaking big in the wake of Nirvana and Soundgarden didn't seem quite so crazy. This song, for instance, would seem to me to be perfectly palatable to the grunge crowd. The record didn't really break big, because even its most marketable moments are pushing the boundaries for a mainstream crowd, but at least you can kind of see the outline of an idea here.

Sebadoh, "Never Jealous"

Early 90s, baby! Love that thirty seconds of murky lo-fi noise at the back of this little acoustic track. Why? Why not!

Krallice, "Go Be Forgotten"

The lead track from Krallice's 2017 release (well, one of them), this tune shows Krallice making much more use of synths and really stretching their sound. Like everything else they do, the mastery they display is always pretty incredible, but the synths change their sound so much compared to previous releases that you can really draw a line in their history. I pretty much like everything they do, and I think this record is a good one to recommend to see if recent Krallice is something you'd be in to. It's still black metal, recognizable as such, but it's also something else.

Skinny Puppy, "Nature's Revenge"

I had a little discussion on Twitter about industrial the other day, and it was noted that Skinny Puppy really kind of shows its age. And I think that's true for a fair bit of their stuff, but I think Too Dark Park in particular still sounds really sharp. Sure, the synth sounds here are of their time, but I think the re-contextualization of them via *wave music has left these tunes in a pretty good place.

Joshua Buergel
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