Five Songs, 11/10/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/10/2018

We here at Five Songs often find ourselves apologizing for our content around here. With the random nature of what shuffle coughs up, sometimes it's not great.

Uh, in other news, here's today.

clipping., "Taking Off"

The lesson of clipping., beyond any other, is how much space there still remains for rap to continue to stretch out across other types of music and how much there remains to experiment with. We've seen noise marry with rap with tremendous success, and that should indicate that there still remains so many frontiers left to conquer.

Ice Cube, "Pimp Homeo (Insert)"

I wonder if I should just not count rap skits against the five songs for any given day.

Deltron 3030, "Meet Clofis Randolph the Patriarch"

This isn't technically a sketch, but at :36, it's not exactly a real song either. I dunno, this is starting to look like Three Songs And A Couple Thowaways.

The Slackers, "Who Knows"

I'm planning on going shopping for a new bass tomorrow, because my current bass is a piece of junk j-bass knockoff that is super crappy to play. I'm considering a semi-hollow body bass, and there's no small part of me that wants it so that I might be able to try and play some of the stuff from The Slackers and have it sound at least reasonably correct.

Man Or Astro-Man?, "Maximum Radiation Level"

Reverb ahoy! If you cooked up a metric that combined quantity of output with consistency, Man Or Astro-Man? might be at the front of the list. They have 12 albums according to Allmusic, and the ones I've listened to are all good and very, very similar. I have seven of them, and they're all enjoyable, but frankly, that's really more than I need.

You know what, screw it, we're going for an extra today.

Chemical People, "The Baptismal"

Ehhhhh. Hardly seemed worth it. I guess that's today, folks!

(NB: the song starts at 34:40 in the linked video.)

Joshua Buergel
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