Five Songs, 11/12/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/12/2021

De La Soul, "Intro"

The biggest exception to rap skits sucking is pretty much anything with Prince Paul involved. The framing device for De La Soul Is Dead, of an audio storybook detailing kids encountering the record for the first time, is delightfully self-refential and charming. And "cock snot" really is a vivid phrase.

Trigger Cut, "Coffin Digger"

If you call yourself Trigger Cut, you should really be twee indie rock. But no, we've got just pure muscular noise rock going here, sounding like nothing so much as vintage Hammerhead or maybe mid-period Unsane. So, yes, it's throwing me back to the early 90s, just not in the direction the band name suggests.

Guided By Voices, "Game of Pricks"

Aaaand, we're staying back then. Alien Lanes is probably my favorite Guided by Voices album, because it retains much of the charming ramshackle stuff, but actually bothers to develop more of the melodies into songs.

Black Keys, "Strange Times"

Attack & Release is the division point for the Black Keys. Prior to this record, they were a sleazy, grimy blues-rock band focused on back-to-basics pounding. After enlisting Danger Mouse to produce this record, they cleaned up their attack a ton and starting making some real crowd-pleasing stuff. I prefer the albums just on both sides of this border, with this record being maybe my favorite.

Ihsahn, "Mass Darkness"

Ihsahn was one of the people behind pioneering black metal act Emperor, who eventually started releasing music under his own name. His solo work still has some black metal aesthetics, but leans more towards progressive metal than it does black metal.

Joshua Buergel
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