Five Songs, 11/18/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/18/2021

The Young Fresh Fellows, "Another Ten Reasons"

Tad Hutchison is really smokin' on the drums on this tune, friends! I was going to say that this is from the last Young Fresh Fellows album, Tiempo De Lujo, but no! Turns out there was one last year, exciting!

Unsteady, "Darkie Love Affair"

I was going to say that Unsteady is one of the lost gems of the third wave, having put out two outstanding, unique albums that combine a sort of carnival atmosphere with a jazzy take on ska. But, uh, that song title is not great. Listening carefully, I think it's an attempt to be clever, there's no malice here, but yeah.

The Feelies, "Forces at Work"

Oh man, listen to that. Fuckin' A, punk rock, wooooooo!

The Sea and Cake, "The Argument"

This is very not punk rock.

Skinnerbox, "Feeling Small"

I want to just highlight the desultory backing vocals on this track. Yes, it's hard to look past King Django's affected lead vocals, but listen to the backup. It's kind of a little delight.

Joshua Buergel
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