Five Songs, 11/23/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/23/2019

Fugazi, "Intro"

There's not a ton to say here, other than The Argument is a tremendous swan song for the band, and I really wish that there were more records after it.

The Jam, "That's Entertainment"

One of the crowning achievements of mod, Sound Affects is chock full of great songs, and this one is one of the sweetest of the bunch. It's straightforward, but it sounds fantastic, and certainly still sounds totally fresh.

Crystalized Movements, "Lost"

Fuzzed out to the extreme, with drums that sound like they were maybe recorded inside of an actual trash can, there's nevertheless something really appealing about how far to the extreme they've taken things here. This album, when listened as a whole, provides a really nice, blissed out experience. I'm sure I've mentioned this, but at the time, I thought this was the best album released in 1992. That was mostly just me with a contrarian take, and of course I don't think that any more (the correct answer is The Chronic), but the album doesn't deserve to be forgotten either.

Childish Gambino, "Terrified"

Donald Glover departed sharply from the rap of his previous records on "Awaken, My Love!", instead going for a mix of R&B, funk, and psychedelia that ends up being a pretty fascinating combination. It owes more to George Clinton than it does to any rap artist, which isn't such a bad thing at all.

The Minus 5, "I Would Rather Sacrifice You"

On Killingsworth, the guest players that Scott McCaughey and Peter Buck worked with included members of the Decemberists, which shows in how folk-y the album ends up sounding. But it's still absolutely recognizable as a McCaughey project, with his sensibility still really driving the songs forward.

Joshua Buergel
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