Five Songs, 11/25/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/25/2019

Shenandoah Davis, "Seventeen"

Kind of remember the last time Davis came up saying that I didn't know anything about her. Still don't! We don't do any research around here! That would be against the Five Songs ethos, where we put the "ass" in "half-assed".

Dis, "Whiteness"

Does it get more early 90s than this? The guitar tone, the sung and spoken parts, the vocals buried in the mix, all that shit. I was big into this stuff, and it still sounds great. Beacuse I'm old and fossilized.

Also: apparently I entered the information for this CD myself, because the album name has a typo in it. I'm not at all going to fix that, who has time for that? But the album is Small Fry Sessions 1 & 2, for the record.

Kustomized, "Big Trick"

Hell yeah, still in the early 90s! Founded by an ex-member of Mission of Burma, you can see the influence there. That drum track sounds like a million bucks. Just inject that straight into my eyeballs!

fIREHOSE, "The Candle And The Flame"

Everybody who just dismissed fIREHOSE as a lesser Minutemen should have to sit down and listen to the chorus on this song and explain their position again. Yes, of course Hurley and Watt still sound amazing, but this is a different band, and Ed Crawford is coming from a different direction. The injection of folk makes a huge difference, and they're a great band on their own merits.

The Beatles, "Good Night"

I kind of always forget that this song exists, as it's on the other side of "Revolution 9", and thus requires that you sit through all that fuckery just to get to this sugary mess. It's probably intended to be ironic, I suppose, but it's thoroughly unnecessary. As is a fair bit of the rest of this album.

Joshua Buergel
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