Five Songs, 11/26/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/26/2021

μ‐Ziq, "Iesope"

I can remember bozos complaining about electronic music back in the early 90s, claiming that it wasn't "real music" and that it doesn't take any skill to play the instruments. And, of course, that doesn't really deserve any refutation, but I think about it sometimes when I listen to stuff like this, and consider how careful the composition is. And that some knucklehead might dismiss it just because nobody chugged through any power chords on a guitar.

People Under The Stairs, "Foolish People"

I love it when hip-hop acts flip a rock song like this. Edan is a master at it, but this is a really fun example.

The Magnetic Fields, "Blue You"

A friend once said they wanted to edit this record down to about a third of its length, and I think that's a fine idea. I should check if they ever got around to it.

WIFE, "Dans Ce"

James Kelly was part of the tremendous black metal band Altar of Plauges, and when it broke up, he went in a radically different direction. WIFE is his electronic project, pulling together a hugely different sonic palette from black metal. However, black metal is at its best when it's setting an atmosphere (admittedly, of crushing despair), and those abilities to set a mood translate well to electronics. It's a very interesting record, although unfortunately he has not followed up on it.

Son of Bazerk, "What Could Be Better Bitch"

A lost record, Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk is all over the map. The gleeful anarchy is a big part of the appeal. In 1991, hip-hop was still kind of figuring things out, and the lack of genre rules meant you'd have occasional records like this one that popped out.

Joshua Buergel
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