Five Songs, 11/29/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/29/2021

STS, "All I Wanted Was A Caddy"

I've sung the praises of this record, but the STS and RJD2 colab from 2015 is such a gas. RJD2 is in great form, and STS is able to really bring it home on that platform. A really delightful record.

Sharon Jones, "Got a Thing On My Mind"

Hell yeah!

Lambchop, "The Daily Growl"

Lambchop's Nixon was something of a breakthrough, gaining a lot of press attention and elevating the profile of the band. Their arrangements had been getting more and more elaborate, and Nixon is pretty busy (as Lambchop goes). So the question was, on their followup, would they keep going in that direction? No, as it turns out. Is A Woman is something of a retrenchment. The songs are pretty languid, and it's clear at this point that Lambchop was going to just blaze their own path through music, being impossible to categorize but recognizable as just being themselves. From this album forward, Lambchop albums pretty much just always sound like Lambchop albums, and not a whole lot else.

The Isley Brothers, "This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You)"

The Isley Brothers have really had multiple careers in their extremely long time of making music. One of them was as a Motown band, cranking out tunes in the style of the label, including this one which was pretty big hit.

J Church, "All Girl Band"

This is a relatively rare misfire from J Church - it's not bad, and the chorus is pretty nice, but I don't really know about the dual vocals, it doesn't quite hit for me.

Joshua Buergel
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