Five Songs, 11/9/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/9/2017

One of these songs is not like the others.

Negativland, "Ain't No Baby"

Another piece from Deathsentences of the Polished And Structurally Weak. This album was really more about creating a mood and atmosphere than it was about anything as conventional as songs. It's a pure exploration of sound for its own sake, and as such, forms quite an interesting experiment.

Jan Jelinek, "They, Them"

From one experimental electronic artist to another. Jelinek works with small bits and pieces of sounds, up to and especially including glitchy noises and artifacts, and reassembles them into warm, understated songs. This track, from the magnificent Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records, is a great example of the kind of music he creates. Subtlety is an underappreciated skill for musicians.

Front 242, "Commando Mix"

I guess we're going electronic today, huh? From an EP called No Comment, coming as the group transitioned from their early days to the industrial dance machines they would be in the late 80s and early 90s, this nevertheless has pretty much all the hallmarks of Front 242 already present: distant voices, icy synths, and just endless rhythm.

Mobtown, "Pets Go To Heaven"

Well, Electronic Thursday was fun while it lasted. Yup, it's more third wave ska! Mobtown distinguishes themselves by having a woman singing, which is a pleasant change of pace from a lot of the bands in that scene.

The Grifters, "Hate"

Listen to that menacing opening to that song, and then see what the name of the song is. Were you expecting some rancid extreme metal act? No, The Grifters were a ramshackle underground rock act that played lo-fi (and occasionally no-fi) fuzzy tunes. This is from their debut album, So Happy Together, a murky and strange album that only hinted at the genius they would later have. That genius would flower on their next album, One Sock Missing, an eclectic and wide ranging lost classic.

Joshua Buergel
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