Five Songs, 12/1/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/1/2021

Boris, "Party Boy"

This kind of sounds like a Death From Above 1979 track, a demonstration of the range that Boris have displayed over their long and incredible career.

The Shins, "Red Rabbits"

I'm not going to rehash my schtick with the Shins here (you can read it here), but I'll instead note: I could have sworn I had a copy of Chutes Too Narrow (which is not this record), and I do not appear to have it in the library. Did I not rip it? Did I lose it? It's the sort of question that kind of haunts me a little. How many records failed to make their way into my library or got lost during its peripatetic journey to its current home. Was I going to listen to it? Not the point!

Helmet, "Sinatra"

Amphetamine Reptile Records brought four of their flagship bands out to record some Peel Sessions, and put those eight songs together on a single compilation record. It's actually not a bad sampler of the label as it existed in the early 90s, although there's nothing essential here.

Conway the Machine, "Front Lines"

I don't remember where I found out about this album, I don't know shit about modern hip-hop, but...can I even describe this without looking like a buster? Are people even called busters any more? God, I'm old.

The Kinks, "Love Me Till the Sun Shines"

I'm not going to be the annoying music critic dude who bleats about how the Kinks should have been as big or bigger than the Beatles. Ultimately, the popularity of bands isn't directly related to the quality of the music, and I'm not especially interested in the mechanisms of star-making. But if you line up the best Kinks records side-by-side with the best records from the Beatles, which were all made at around the same time, I think you end up with the conclusion that the Kinks' discography runs deeper in great records, which is damn impressive.

Joshua Buergel
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